InSplorer 内窥镜


InSplorer 探针内窥镜支持双光子/三光子自荧光成像,二次/三次谐波成像,以及反斯托克斯相干拉曼成像。

CARS/SHG – Humain Colon Lipid(Red) and Collagen(Green)
CARS – Human Colon Lipid
Mouse spinal cord: Myelin (magenta – CARS), spinal axon (blue – 2photon)
Human skin: stratum corneum (autofluorescence)
Mouse brain labelled with GCamp (2photon)
Collagen fibers: rat tail tendon – SHG
Epidermal layer of unstained mouse skin. Collagen fibrils structure (SHG – green) ; Cellular structure (3PEF – red, THG – blue)
GFP labeled mouse brain (3PEF – λexc = 1300 nm)
(a) Unstained mouse retina (3PEF – λexc = 1300 nm) radial section; (b) Ganglion cell layer (GCL) transverse section; (c) Inner plexiform layer (IPL) transverse section

InSplorer 集成系统内部包括激光光源,光电设备和电脑,外部通过FemtoGuide光纤连接至仅4厘米长,直径2.2毫米的探针。InSplorer同时配有友好的用户操作软件和交互界面。

InSplorer 系统可根据客户需求,同时支持多类通用多光子激光器,使用 FemtoGuide 光纤连接至探针。


  • Pulsed femtosecond and picosecond lasers
  • Wavelength range: 750 nm to 1550 nm
  • Integration of your existing light source using our FemtoGuide Fiber
  • Frame rate: up to 10 Hz
  • Field of view: up to 600 µm
  • PSF: 1 µm
  • Collection NA: up to 0.7
  • Working distance: up to 600 µm
  • Imaging modalities (Fluorescence and label free): 2-Photon, 3-photon, SHG, THG, CARS
  • Tip diameter: 1.3 mm or 2.2 mm (distal)
  • Distal end length: <40 mm
  • Flexible part length: 50-400 cm
  • Weight (distal end): < 2gr


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