FemtoGuide Fiber

Lightcore Technologies multiphoton delivery fiber (FemtoGuide) is a flexible fiber enabling the delivery of femtoseconds and picoseconds pulses in the 400nm – 600nm and 800nm – 1700nm wavelength ranges .

FemtoGuide fiber features extremely low nonlinearity and dispersion such that >100fs pulses remain undistorted in the spectral and temporal domains.

Fiber core and laser mode at exit of M-DF fiber
Spectrum of transmission of M-DF fiber

Fiber specifications

  • Transmission range: 400 nm – 600 nm and 800 nm – 1700 nm
  • Loss: ≤ 0.7 dB/m at 920 nm
  • Mode field diameter: ~30 μm at 920 nm
  • FC/PC connectors
  • Length: 50 cm – 450 cm
M-DF – Multiphoton delivery fiber 4 m


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