Lipid Imaging

You are a biologist that want to image and quantify lipid development in animal models ex vivo or in vivo. Lightcore Technologies DC-SRS microscope provides lipid imaging using CARS or SRS at high frame rate (few frames/s in 150 µm x 150 µm; 60s per 1 mm2).

DC-SRS microscope: Lipid imaging (CARS) in C Elegans head and 3D rendering. Field of view 250 µm x 250 µm.
DC-SRS microscope: Lipids in C Elegans (red) as imaged by CARS and 2photon autofluorescence (green)
DC-SRS microscope: Myelin sheath as imaged by CARS (magenta) surrounding axons (blue – CYF 2photon fluorescence) in mouse spinal cord