Flexible Probe for Multiphoton Multimodal Imaging

The M-FIP multiphoton endoscope enables multimodal nonlinear imaging such as 2-photon and 3-photon fluorescence but also harmonic generation (SHG, THG) and coherent Raman imaging (CARS).

CARS/SHG – Humain Colon Lipid(Red) and Collagen(Green)
CARS – Human Colon Lipid
Mouse spinal cord: Myelin (magenta – CARS), spinal axon (blue – 2photon)
Human skin: stratum corneum (autofluorescence)
Mouse brain labelled with GCamp (2photon)
Collagen fibers: rat tail tendon – SHG

The M-FIP probe is connected to a standalone cabinet that houses the laser, opto-electronics and computer. The M-FIP system is powered by a dedicated, user-friendly software.

The M-FIP multiphoton endoscope can also use your favorite table-top multiphoton laser using the Lightcore multiphoton delivery fiber (M-DF)

Main Specifications

Available laser sources:
  • Pulsed femtosecond and picoseconds lasers
  • Wavelength range: 750nm to 1550 nm
  • Integration of your existing light source using our multiphoton delivery fiber (M-DF)
Imaging performances:
  • Frame rate: up to 10 Hz
  • Field of view: up to 400 µm
  • Lateral resolution: 0.8 µm
  • Collection NA: 0.5
  • Working distance: 10 µm to 600 µm (fixed), 10 µm to 300 µm (tunable)
  • Imaging modalities (Fluorescence and label free): 2-Photon, SHG, THG, CARS
Microendoscope specifications:
  • Tip diameter: 1.3 mm or 2 mm (distal)
  • Distal end length: <40 mm
  • Flexible part length: 50-400 cm
  • Lateral resolution: 0.8 µm
  • Axial resolution: 6 µm
  • Weight (distal end): < 2gr
  • Working distance: 10 µm to 600 µm (fixed), 10 µm to 300 µm (tunable)


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