Cosmetics / Pharmaceutical Sciences

Mapping Active Molecule Distribution in Real or Artificial Skin

You are a chemical scientist and you want to image in a label-free manner chemical compounds in complex media such as skin. Lightcore Technologies DC-SRS microscope provides label free imaging of skin in depth and monitors deuterated active molecule percutaneous penetration ex vivo and in vivo.

You need the versatility of a flexible probe to image in restrained or inaccessible environment. Lightcore Technologies M-FIP flexible endoscope with its 2 mm distal diameter performs label-free CARS microscopy, second and third harmonic generation, and 2photon fluorescence or auto-fluorescence of complex samples such as skin.

DC-SRS microscope: Active cosmetic molecule (red) as seen by CARS imaged in reconstructed skin (green) as seen by 2-photon auto-fluorescence

DC-SRS microscope: Deuterated glycerol concentration in in vivo human skin with depth as measured by CARS 1h10m after application

DC-SRS Microscope: Active formulation thickness (in micron) after being spread over PMMA skin imprint. Field of view of 1.4 mm x 1.1 mm

M-FIP flexible endoscope imaging of stratum corneum

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