Cosmetics / Pharmaceutical Sciences

Mapping Active Molecule Distribution in Real or Artificial Skin

You are a chemical scientist and you want to image in a label-free manner chemical compounds in complex media such as skin. Lightcore Technologies BondXplorer microscope provides label free imaging of skin in depth and monitors deuterated active molecule percutaneous penetration ex vivo and in vivo.

You need the versatility of a flexible probe to image in restrained or inaccessible environment. Lightcore Technologies InSplorer flexible endoscope with its 2 mm distal diameter performs label-free CARS microscopy, second and third harmonic generation, and 2photon fluorescence or auto-fluorescence of complex samples such as skin.

BondXplorer microscope: Active cosmetic molecule (red) as seen by CARS imaged in reconstructed skin (green) as seen by 2-photon auto-fluorescence

BondXplorer microscope: Deuterated glycerol concentration in in vivo human skin with depth as measured by CARS 1h10m after application

BondXplorer microscope: Active formulation thickness (in micron) after being spread over PMMA skin imprint. Field of view of 1.4 mm x 1.1 mm

InSplorer endoscope imaging of stratum corneum

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