Lightcore Technologies is an innovative company at the forefront of nonlinear optical imaging technology for biomedical and scientific applications. Born from a collaboration between the Fresnel Institute, XLIM and PhLAM laboratories, we are based in Marseille and Lille (PhLAM – IRCICA).
Our products, such as the BondXplorer Microscope and InSplorer Endoscope, offer photonics-based multimodal imaging and analytical solutions for research, life science and clinical care. We believe that nonlinear optical imaging is the future of imaging. It allows for label-free non-destructive investigation of physio-pathological processes in live samples at sub-cellular spatial resolution.
What sets Lightcore Technologies apart is our commitment to innovation through our academic collaborations, numerous patents and technological breakthroughs.

Our BondXplorer Microscope is the only coherent Raman microscope that can image two chemical bonds (two wavenumbers) at one time, making it an ideal system for virtual histology and several other applications such as metabolic imaging, microplastic screening, pharmaceutical tablet characterization and organoid visualization. The BondXplorer Microscope can also performed multiphoton imaging (with or without fluorescent labels) and second harmonic generation that is collagen specific in biological samples. All together the BondXplorer microscope has the unique capability to combine chemical imaging with auto-fluorescence/fluorescence imaging and second harmonic generation.

Our InSplorer Endoscope is a flexible and compact multiphoton endoscope capable of performing multimodal label-free imaging of biological tissues in vivo. It uses Lightcore Technologies’ patented technology based on the FemtoGuide fiber, which allows for the transmission of femtosecond and picosecond laser pulses without spectral or temporal distortion. The InSplorer Endoscope thus offers high spatial and temporal resolution, as well as increased sensitivity and specificity for two-photon fluorescence imaging, second harmonic generation (SHG) and coherent Raman (CARS).
Lightcore Technologies leverages its unique technological advantage based on the FemtoGuide fiber to offer a flexible and compact multiphoton endoscope capable of performing multimodal label-free imaging of biological tissues in vivo.
The InSplorer Endoscope offers superior imaging performance compared to conventional endoscopes, with micron-scale spatial resolution, penetration depth of several centimeters and low phototoxicity. It targets the markets of biomedical research, life science and clinical care where it can be used for the study of biological tissues in vivo and ex vivo, early disease diagnosis, image-guided surgery or photodynamic therapy.

Lightcore Technologies also invests in research and development to improve the performance and functionality of its BondXplorer Microscope and InSplorer Endoscope as well as to explore new potential applications in the fields of biomedical research, life science and clinical care.
Our technology is not only innovative but also compact, easy to use and affordable. No installations or alignment by trained personnel is required. Our microscope and flexible endoscope provide immediate access to scientifically and industrially relevant data and images through intuitive and easy-to-use controlled software packages.

At Lightcore Technologies, we are passionate about advancing science and are proud to provide innovative solutions to improve research and clinical care.

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