Medical / Biomedical Applications

Instantaneous Histology:

You are a clinical practitioner, a pathologist or a scientist that wants to have access to the histological information from a fresh biopsiy tissue. Lightcore Technologies DC-CRS microscope provides immediate label-free histological imaging over mm2 field of view in few minutes only.

No sample preparation, no staining, instantaneous label free histology is possible with our DC-CRS microscope.

Stimulated Raman histology
(a) Stimulated Raman histology (SRH) as provided by the DC-CRS microscope, (b) comparison of the same area using classical H&E staining, (c) SRH image overlaid on the H&E image for comparison.

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Tissue architectures in vivo:

You are a life science scientist that wants to image tissue architecture in vivo on animal model (mouse,…). Lightcore Technologies M-FIP flexible endoscope, 2mm distal diameter, provides up to 8 frames/s imaging of a variety of contrasts such as 2photon fluorescence and auto-fluorescence, harmonic generations (SHG and TGH) to locate collagen and interfaces, but also coherent Raman (CARS) to see lipids label free.

M-FIP CARS and SHG imaging
M-FIP flexible endoscope imaging: (a) Fat tissues (human colon), (b) collagen (rat tail tendon), (c) zoom in (b) showing the sub-micron resolution, (d) and (e) collagen (green) and lipid (red) in excised biopsies samples from human colon.

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